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African Prints Face Masks

Kruwear African Prints Face Mask

Kruwear’s limited produced, comfortable, breathable, reusable and washable cotton African Prints “one-size fits most” unisex adult face mask comes with filter pocket, anti-fog nose bridge slot and adjustable ear straps or stretch elastic ear loop for perfect fit. Our mask are strategically designed to wrap around the nose, mouth and face.

Each Face Mask is shipped with a premium quality bendable aluminum nose wire with adhesive for the nose bridge slot and one activated charcoal PM2.5 filter. The nose wire is inserted through the opening of the filter pocket.

Due to the fabric print pattern and the cutting of the fabric, no two mask from the same fabric will be identical.

The dimensions of our adult mask:

Heights: 6.5 ” (nose to chin)
Width: 9.0″ (cheek to cheek)


Due to COVID-19 concerns, face masks can’t be returned – All sales are final.

Do remember to order the activated charcoal PM2.5 filters at $20 for 10 pieces. Our High-quality adult face masks are handmade Made in Chicago.

Be safe while looking fashionable, order one NOW:

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Chicago Hyde Park Cloud T-Shirt

Chicago Hype Park Cloud T-Shirt

A collaboration between Kruwear and @ChicagoHydePark. Chicago Hyde Park heart cloud t-shirts are available in grey (with black fonts) and black (with color fonts). The black t-shirt/color cloud was made with Kirschner hot stamping printing and the grey t-shirt/black cloud was made with screen printing.
Our limited-edition unisex t-shirts are sold in standard men’s sizes. Women will typically need to order one size smaller. However, if you need additional room, the regular men size will be the best route.

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Kruwear Men Argyle Pattern Dress Socks

Kruwear argyle men dress socks

Kruwear men bright, bold and high quality argyle pattern dress socks. Argyle socks have a long history that go back hundreds of years ago. Many kings would wear the colors and patterns of their flags on their socks and most of the flags at the time were diamond shaped, hence the argyle patterns on socks.

Size: One-Size
Material: 78% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% Spandex
Fabric Care: Imported, Machine Washable
Stylist Note: Men’s Shoe Size 7 – 12
Toe: Hand-Sewn Stitches

Visit our online store – Argyle Dress Socks and order now! | Follow us on Instagram

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Neck Gaiter

Kruwear Neck Gaiter

Kruwear logo multi functional unisex face covering tubular bandanna, sweatband, head scarf, biker mask, head wrap, neck warmer, neck gaiter, wristband, headband, ponytail holder and Balaclava.


The mask is intended to be used as an accessory. It is not intended to act as a medical device or other medical product, and should not be used as a replacement for conventional and approved personal protective equipment, including surgical masks or respirators.

• Material: Polyester
• Hand wash cold, air dry or tumble dry low, do not bleach
• Lightweight, soft, and breathable
• Durable construction
• Stretchable fabric, one size fits most
• Reusable

Visit our online store and order now! | Follow us on Instagram

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9 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, Sunday, June 21st. It’s that time of the year that we all get to celebrate the most important fathers in our lives!

That’s why Kruwear has put together a guide of some of its best Father’s Day gifts.

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Kruwear 3D embroidered pygmy hippo baseball cap

Kruwear 3D embroidered pygmy hippo cap

Kruwear 3D baseball cap is basically a casual cap to suit any aesthetic. Whether it’s used to frame your face and calls attention to your eyes or for a bad hair day, the Kruwear embroidered baseball cap is a perfect fit for any taste.

Kruwear’s 3D embroidered signature yawning pygmy hippopotamus logo caps with the Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis in the logo shows a small hippopotamid originating from Liberia.

Kruwear embroidered baseball cap is $30.00.

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George Kent – The bow tie wearing witness at the impeachment hearing

George Kent bow tie

It’s said that wearing a bow tie shows that the wearer is a smart person. It’s also said that the ability to correctly tie a bow proves that the individual is intelligent enough to understand the steps and repeat them.

During the first day of the impeachment hearing, George Kent didn’t only appear smart and intelligent; but, he also looked distinguished with his self-tied bow tie.

Before the impeachment hearing, Kent was literally unknown. So, who is he? George Kent is the  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs. According to Vox, Kent “has largely stayed out of press and public awareness.”

For us at Kruwear, Kent will go down in history as the guy who wore a bow tie on the first day of the impeachment hearing.