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African Print Infinity Scarf

Kruwear unisex infinity loop scarf

With winter here, Kruwear has introduced four comfortable unisex African print infinity loop scarves lined with fleece that helps retain heat to keep you warm. You can even pull it over your head to stay warm and still be fashionable.

Kruwear infinity scarves have a dimension of 8”x64” with a closed loop of fabric that can be worn in all sorts of ways — traditional loop, double loop, pull through, and hood. Thanks to all the variations, it’s like adding many pieces to your wardrobe and adding layers.

Bleebo Infinity Loop Scarf by Kruwear
Welleh Infinity Loop Scarf
Welleh Infinity Loop Scarf by Kruwear
Snortie Infinity Loop Scarf
Snortie Infinity Loop Scarf
Juah Infinity Loop Scarf
Juah Infinity Loop Scarf


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