Touting Summer’s Hottest Accessory – Kruwear Bucket Hat

Kruwear bucket hat
Kruwear bucket hat

Everyone loves the bucket hat, and the trend is back in 2022. As temperature rises, the bucket hat has become a  must have in the wardrobe of people of all ages. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a bucket hat is that beside looking cool, the wide brim offers all-around protection from UV rays. No more neck burns when you’re out in the sun.

With the bucket hat, you will always look great and feel confident no matter how you style your hair or your face shape. Bucket hats suit everyone.
Whether you’re in a pair of a Kruwear t-shirt or a Kruwear hoodie, a Kruwear bucket hat will add flare to your ensemble. It creates an automatic stand-out accessory that’ll have folks doing a double take when  you walk out the door.

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The Skater Style With Kruwear

Kruwear beanie and baseball cap

Skater style, a ubiquitous clothing style, can be traced back to the ’90s fashion. Skater style which includes clothing from oversized graphic tees to classic Vans sneakers, the apparel donned by skaters in the 1990s, is on-trend once more.

Today, the look is on-trend once again with major designers, brands, and influencers all-embracing the skater style. Meanwhile, visit and checkout their t-shirts, hoodie, baseball cap, bandana, and beanie.

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Kruwear 3D embroidered pygmy hippo baseball cap

Kruwear 3D embroidered pygmy hippo cap

Kruwear 3D baseball cap is basically a casual cap to suit any aesthetic. Whether it’s used to frame your face and calls attention to your eyes or for a bad hair day, the Kruwear embroidered baseball cap is a perfect fit for any taste.

Kruwear’s 3D embroidered signature yawning pygmy hippopotamus logo caps with the Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis in the logo shows a small hippopotamid originating from Liberia.

Kruwear embroidered baseball cap is $30.00.

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