Don’t wear a clip-on bow tie, ever.

Kruwear self-tie bow tie

In a recent article titled, ‘Welcome to My Bow-Tied World, Neophytes and Future Apostates’, Colin St. John made the following comment:

“I don’t give a shit if it’s part of your wedding party outfit. Go out and buy the same color and tie it like a real man. You’re not a child anymore: Clip-ons are as acceptable as eating a Lunchables. Off your lap.”

Some menswear experts are saying that men should only wear self-tie bow ties. And that if you don't have training wheels on your bike, you shouldn't have a pre-tied or a clip-on bow tie, no matter how fun the material!

So I want to know, in the world of metrosexual, is it more fashionable or even more respectable to buy only self-tie bow tie than a pre-tied bow tie? Or does it even matter either way?

Metrosexual referrers to contemporary, city-dwelling or urban men who placed increased emphasis on personal grooming and fashion.
Kruwear ultimate goal is to dress the metrosexual men, the contemporary and fashionable city-dwelling men and the urban men with their casual and business attires.