Bow Tie Aficionado Reviews Kruwear Bow Ties: Madia and Flomo

Chicago-based menswear company, Kruwear's bow ties reviewed by The Bow Tie Aficionado

After all, who wouldn't want their bow tie review by an outstanding site such as The Bow Tie Aficionado. The Bow Tie Aficionado is a site for bow tie fans. They're outstanding and aim to educate and promote the virtues of bow tie by increasing existing fans' appreciation.

We are grateful and fortunate to have had two of our bow ties, Madia and Flomo, reviewed by these outstanding guys:

“I quickly focused on the Madia with its floral pattern and the Flomo. While I do have a few floral bow ties, the Madia caught my attention since it is distinct from those ties. The Madia is a winner. On the other hand, I was attracted to the Flomo since it’s brown and green pattern would really stand apart from the rest of my collection. It would definitely add some dimension. The Flomo is a limited edition item. Only nine were made, and I’m lucky enough to own one!

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Charles Mombo Launches Kruwear Bow Tie Brand

Kruwear Inc. was crafted from a passion and devotion to provide uniquely designed fashion selections. Made with love in the “Windy City”, the City of Chicago, the company’s name originates from the Kru Tribe of Liberia, West Africa, where the founder Charles Mombo spent his childhood years.

Despite taking sewing classes at JoAnn Fabrics, Charles doesn’t consider himself a traditional fashion designer. With an instant hit and a high demand for his bow ties, he had to outsource in order to meet demands. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS) with a concentration in E-Commerce, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). He is an Adjunct Professor with a focus in Business and Computer Information Systems classes and is also an Information Technology Manager at a government agency.

The question arises as to why anyone would introduce a bow tie brand when the market is already flooded. Charles began observing the trends in bow ties, the popularity and the styles and realized there was simply the same standard drab colors; brown, grey and black.

Since accessorizing has historically been referenced to women’s fashion lines, Charles sought to take menswear to a new level. Charles has commented that:

Kruwear was created out of a desire to create beautiful bow ties by going outside the typical boundaries with an influx of colors, patterns, designs and customizations for everyday menswear. The days of wearing bow ties for a special occasion are over, and style now dictates a transformation to incorporating bow ties into daily wear.

The Kruwear team thoughtfully pays attention to texture as well as color with fabric selections available in silk, denim, chambray, cotton, and leather.

  Kruwear bow ties are hand-sewn, ready to be worn and are adjustable with a metal clasp on the back. Charles believes in supporting local business and hand selects all fabrics from Chicago-area fabric stores.

It is this proactive approach in the fashion industry that has led Kruwear to become an established name. Kruwear invites you to #JoinTheKru and take on the challenge to revamp your look and introduce new designs and colors not just into your wardrobe, but your life.   

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