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Kruwear Knit Tie – Modern, Stylish, Casual and Different 

Kruwear knit necktie

Kruwear Knit Tie – Modern, Stylish, Casual and Different 


Kruwear’s new collection of knit ties is perfect for you. Casual in appearance, yet modern and stylish at the same time. These new knit ties are perfect for bringing out an interesting play on texture without going overboard and drawing too much attention to yourself.

From rich-hued solids to styles with tiny embroidered dots and others knitted with multiple colors, knit tie is no way new to the menswear vocabulary. Made from nubby silk, wool or linen (or often a blend of these fibers), Knit ties aren’t seasonal – they work all year round.

Join The Kru and enjoy the experience of wearing a Kruwear knit tie!

Best Fall Season Ever. Best Brand ‘Kruwear’ for Bow Ties & Neckties

Kruwear brand best neckties and bow ties for Fall season

Hands Down, Fall is the Best Season of any season. There are about 199 reasons to prove why Fall is the best season! As a matter of fact, let's add "Kruwear" neckties, pocket squares and bow ties to make it 200 reasons.  

Don’t wear a clip-on bow tie, ever.

Kruwear self-tie bow tie

In a recent article titled, ‘Welcome to My Bow-Tied World, Neophytes and Future Apostates’, Colin St. John made the following comment:

“I don’t give a shit if it’s part of your wedding party outfit. Go out and buy the same color and tie it like a real man. You’re not a child anymore: Clip-ons are as acceptable as eating a Lunchables. Off your lap.”

Some menswear experts are saying that men should only wear self-tie bow ties. And that if you don't have training wheels on your bike, you shouldn't have a pre-tied or a clip-on bow tie, no matter how fun the material!

So I want to know, in the world of metrosexual, is it more fashionable or even more respectable to buy only self-tie bow tie than a pre-tied bow tie? Or does it even matter either way?

Metrosexual referrers to contemporary, city-dwelling or urban men who placed increased emphasis on personal grooming and fashion.
Kruwear ultimate goal is to dress the metrosexual men, the contemporary and fashionable city-dwelling men and the urban men with their casual and business attires.

Redd, Redd Wine – Kruwear Metrosexual Fall Hue

kruwear urban men's fashion urban gentleman menswear

Rich, bold, Kru and Redd (as in Sarah Redd Collection) are the perfect hues to bring out the best in your fall looks. With a new season comes Kruwear with a whole new slew of hues to incorporate into your wardrobe.

For over five years now, the growth of the men’s fashion market has outpaced that of womenswear. Men's fashion experts are attributing this trend to ‘metrosexual’. Metrosexual basially describes contemporary, city-dwelling or urban men who placed increased emphasis on personal grooming and fashion.

As you metrosexually up your wardrobe game for Fall, don't forget to Join The Kru.

The Perfect Kruwear Bow Tie To Match Your Denim Style

Image courtesy of: The Silver Umbrella

Whatever your style of denim, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a Kruwear pocket square, Kruwear self-tie bow tie, Kruwear pre-tie bow tie or a Kruwear necktie.

From denim shirts to denim pants or to different shades of denim, such as white jeans, blue denim jacket, black jeans or a chambray shirt – Kruwear has the perfect menswear and accessories.