Bow Tie and Brandy – A Pop Up Event to Mingle and Purchase Kruwear Collections

Kruwear menswear

Bow Tie and Brandy – A Pop Up Event to Mingle and Purchase Kruwear Collections

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, the tribe from Kruwear along with supportive friends, family and well-wishers will celebrate with a pop-up event to mingle and purchase Kruwear collections.

Libation to our sacred ancestors will be held at 5:07pm sharp! On top of this one-of-a-kind experience, you can also purchase Kruwear's fabulous spring collection.

The event is from 5:07pm – 8:07pm on Saturday, April 16th at:

The Silver Umbrella
5305 S. Hyde Park Blvd
Chicago, 60615


Our class on 'How to tie a self-tie bow tie' will be in session from 7:07pm – 7:47pm. If you’ve already #JoinTheKru or purchased Kruwear’s bow tie or accessories, please wear it to the event – you will automatically be entered for a chance to win one of our prizes.

We would like to thank The Silver Umbrella for making this unique event an exciting celebration of the next step for Kruwear!

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Kruwear Floral Print Bow Ties – Essential Spring Trends

Kruwear Chicago-based Miatta self-tie bow-tie tie

Floral print bow ties by Chicago-based Kruwear are essential trends and a must-have for spring and summer. Why don't you #JoinTheKru by purchasing one or more of the following:


Floral print men's self-tie tie bow ties by Chicago-based Kruwear are a must-have for spring & summer.

Madia –   SKU#KCSB002

Floral print men's self-tie tie bow ties by Chicago-based Kruwear are a must-have for spring & summer.

Miatta –   SKU#KCSB001

Floral print men's self-tie tie bow ties by Chicago-based Kruwear are a must-have for spring & summer.

Vonyee – SKU#KCSB003




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A Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life

Grand Bassa self tie reversible bow tie by Kruwear

A Valentine's Day gift for the man in your life – Grand Bassa Bow Tie by Kruwear

Valentine’s Day 2016 is coming soon – Sunday, February 14th. The time is now to get that romantic gift for the significant other in your life.

A Kruwear bow tie can pull together a man’s style year round. All the more reasons why we recommend picking him up a Kruwear Grand Bassa bow tie. A man who wears a bow tie exudes class and sophistication. He is a man who is not afraid to occasionally step outside his comfort zone and be daring.

Grand Bassa is a reversible self-tie bow tie from Kruwear's "Sarah Redd Collection". It is made of Oriental silk brocade fabric and cotton. A limited edition, only ten Grand Bassa were made.

This purchase is eligible for FREE Standard Shipping on U.S. orders


Clip-On Bow Tie, Pre-Tied Bow Tie and Self-Tie Bow Tie – What’s your favorite?

Clip-On Bow Tie, Pre-Tied Bow Tie and Self-Tie Bow Tie – What's your favorite?

The Clip-On Bow Tie

The clip-on bow tie. This type of  bow tie has a pre-tied bow with a metal clasp on the back that hooks directly onto the collar of a shirt. These are recommended for young children or infants, as these look too youthful on a grown man.

Clip-On Bow Tie

The Pre-Tied Bow Tie

The pre-tied bow tie is attached to an adjustable neck strap. It has a pre-tied bow. This style is easy to size and can be worn in a matter of seconds. One disadvantage of the pre-tied bow tie is that it can look stiff and almost too-perfect. Any bow tie aficionado knows that a pre-tied bow will never have the same dimension or character as a self tie. While we recommend the self tie bow as the everyone wear, a pre-tied can be a great starting point for a newbie or adolescent.

Kotee Brown Pre-tied Bow Tie by Kruwear

The Self-Tie Bow Tie

The classic type of bow tie is the self-tie bow tie, also known as the "self-tie", "tie-it-yourself", or "freestyle" bow tie. “Self-tie” means that it comes untied and you tie it yourself. Once tied, the natural form and slight asymmetry of the self tie shows charm and quirkiness that a pre-tied bow tie can never match. Although it will never have the precise look of a pre-tied model, it helps you stand out from the sea of cookie-cutter bows.

By the way, who doesn't like that George Clooney-esque look. At the end of the day, you pull off that sexy look consisting of an untied bow tie casually draped around an unbuttoned formal shirt.

Greenwood 60615 Self-tie by Kruwear

Some menswear experts are saying that men should NEVER wear a clip-on bow tie. As a matter of fact, if you don't have training wheels on your bike, you shouldn't have a clip-on bow tie, no matter how beautiful the material!

Kruwear menswear could be your new favorite brand

Kruwear menswear

Kruwear menswear could be your new favorite brand

Kruwear is slighted to launch its first menswear collection, which should instantly find a place on most men's wishlists, says Victoria Schindler, a Chicago-based fashion blogger.

As with its female customers, the new collection is aimed at buyer who has an eye for men's fashion an style but is not a slave to fashion. The fabrics are good quality and the price point is mid-level.

"Join The Kru" for Kruwear's official launch event at:

The Silver Umbrella
5305 S. Hyde Park Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60615

December 12, 2015
5pm – 8pm

Not sure how to tie self-tie bow tie? Class is in session from 6:00pm – 6:45pm

Refreshment will be served!

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Grand Bassa Reversible Self-tie Pre-tie Bow Tie

Coming soon! Kruwear's much anticipated "Grand Bassa" reversible self-tie and pre-tie bow tie – expected arrival date is 12/07/2015.

Grand Bassa, from the "The Sarah Redd Collection" will include a matching pocket square that coordinates for a high end fashion and dapper look.

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Charles Mombo Launches Kruwear Bow Tie Brand

Kruwear Inc. was crafted from a passion and devotion to provide uniquely designed fashion selections. Made with love in the “Windy City”, the City of Chicago, the company’s name originates from the Kru Tribe of Liberia, West Africa, where the founder Charles Mombo spent his childhood years.

Despite taking sewing classes at JoAnn Fabrics, Charles doesn’t consider himself a traditional fashion designer. With an instant hit and a high demand for his bow ties, he had to outsource in order to meet demands. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS) with a concentration in E-Commerce, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). He is an Adjunct Professor with a focus in Business and Computer Information Systems classes and is also an Information Technology Manager at a government agency.

The question arises as to why anyone would introduce a bow tie brand when the market is already flooded. Charles began observing the trends in bow ties, the popularity and the styles and realized there was simply the same standard drab colors; brown, grey and black.

Since accessorizing has historically been referenced to women’s fashion lines, Charles sought to take menswear to a new level. Charles has commented that:

Kruwear was created out of a desire to create beautiful bow ties by going outside the typical boundaries with an influx of colors, patterns, designs and customizations for everyday menswear. The days of wearing bow ties for a special occasion are over, and style now dictates a transformation to incorporating bow ties into daily wear.

The Kruwear team thoughtfully pays attention to texture as well as color with fabric selections available in silk, denim, chambray, cotton, and leather.

  Kruwear bow ties are hand-sewn, ready to be worn and are adjustable with a metal clasp on the back. Charles believes in supporting local business and hand selects all fabrics from Chicago-area fabric stores.

It is this proactive approach in the fashion industry that has led Kruwear to become an established name. Kruwear invites you to #JoinTheKru and take on the challenge to revamp your look and introduce new designs and colors not just into your wardrobe, but your life.   

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Our Thanks To You

Giving thanks for you from Kruwear.

The month of November has plenty of reminders to fully appreciate the things we have to be thankful for. Here at Kruwear, several things come to mind.

We are thankful that you have choosen to #JoinTheKru and allowing us to revamp your looks with our bow ties and other Kruwear menswear merchandise brand. We are thankful for each day you choose to purchase our neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and menswear.  

Most of all, we are thankful to our VETERANS; because, they wake up and risk their lives everyday. 


Kruwear is offering Free Standard Shipping on all orders shipped within the U.S. This special is valid through 5pm CST on November 21, 2015.

Kruwear Knit Tie – Modern, Stylish, Casual and Different 

Kruwear knit necktie

Kruwear Knit Tie – Modern, Stylish, Casual and Different 


Kruwear’s new collection of knit ties is perfect for you. Casual in appearance, yet modern and stylish at the same time. These new knit ties are perfect for bringing out an interesting play on texture without going overboard and drawing too much attention to yourself.

From rich-hued solids to styles with tiny embroidered dots and others knitted with multiple colors, knit tie is no way new to the menswear vocabulary. Made from nubby silk, wool or linen (or often a blend of these fibers), Knit ties aren’t seasonal – they work all year round.

Join The Kru and enjoy the experience of wearing a Kruwear knit tie!